Posted in August 2012

Current Mummy Obsession: Birchbox (again only available in the US) UPDATE

I read about Birchbox on a couple of the fashion/style blogs that I follow and I was super excited!! New beauty products to try every month for only $10 (and FREE Shipping). Alas, they only ship to the US. Sigh. Check out Birchbox if you love products as much as me and live below the … Continue reading

Current Kids Obsession- Wittlebee

Full disclosure: Wittlebee only delivers in the US. I know… it sucks. Maybe we can convince them to ship to Canada if we barrage them with emails!! Wittlebee maybe the greatest thing ever created for the sartorially savvy mum! This website sends you a box of clothes every month based on a style profile that … Continue reading

Ikea with a toddler

I realized one day last winter that we were “those” people now. My little family was at Ikea and we ran into an old boss of mine, who was there with his wife and newborn son. We looked at each other ruefully, a mutual acknowledgement that our lives were forever changed – we were in Ikea on … Continue reading

No boys allowed (Seriously- you won’t get it)

I was infuriated last month while reading comments made about Kate Upton on a website called SkinnyGossip. This person (slug) had the audacity to imply that Kate Upton, who recently graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, was fat  and that her (natural) breasts were floppy. After washing my eyes out with soap, … Continue reading

The Mommy Wars

This is a familiar headline to mums ever since that lithe blond breast-fed her preschooler on the front of Time magazine. I think that we all had our own opinion on that one (lets just say that it reminded me a little too much of that infamous Game of Thrones scene). Usually the battle is … Continue reading

Working sucks sometimes

Before my son was born, the idea of being a stay-at-home mum made me cringe. Spending all of my time covered in drool and poop? No thanks! I am a career girl who also happens to want children!! I can have it all and not even break a sweat!! Um…. sure. When I went back … Continue reading