I had a blog once….

Several years ago before I had my son, I started a wordpress  blog called Movie Picture Junkie… about movies. Needless to say, that blog fell seriously by the wayside after Buds (the nickname I will use for my son here) was born and after I returned to work (in film.. the irony) when he was seven months old. While I still work in film and love the movies, I have discovered that being a mum does change what you are interested in. I now love browsing pinterest for cool kids clothes and interesting Christmas wrapping ideas. I have also been re-inspired by fashion since joining pinterest and seeing other peoples takes on various fashion trends. I think that I am still striving for Yummy Mummy status and hoping that some inspiration will make me feel like a women as well as a mum.

I plan on being pretty all over the map on this blog, which basically reflects my ever changing focus and interests. Expect the odd fun DIY as well….

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