Mermaid music under the stars

I don’t get out much, I will say that right now. This summer has been so insane work wise that the usual evening involves putting my kid to bed and then snuggling down with a glass of wine and Himself (how I will refer to my husband here) to watch the West Wing on DVD. Exciting stuff. 

But last night we mixed it up a bit and joined a group of friends at the Sigur Ros concert at Echo Beach. This was exactly what I needed. Listening to odd Icelandic whale music lying on a blanked staring up at the stars. At the risk of sounding cheesy, there was a bit of magic in the air.

Check out Echo Beach if you have a chance…. I think that it is an awesome place to see live music and the sound was excellent for an outdoor venue.

In honour of our evening, here is some Sigur Ros

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