Ikea with a toddler

I realized one day last winter that we were “those” people now. My little family was at Ikea and we ran into an old boss of mine, who was there with his wife and newborn son. We looked at each other ruefully, a mutual acknowledgement that our lives were forever changed – we were in Ikea on a Saturday pushing strollers. Yikes.

I remember those irritating people from my younger days- Trying to pick out some fab throw pillows when some idiot runs over my foot with their gigantic pram. Asshole. This was shopping time, not a stroll in the park! Focus people.

Now I understand the appeal. It IS a walk in the park. You can look at kitchen stuff and bedding and there are little play areas scattered around the store to keep the little ones distracted. The kids area is awesome and there is lots of fun things to look at (and inevitably buy for your wee one) then before you hit the check out, the restaurant  beckons with their kid friendly menu and white plastic high chairs.

Ikea is a place where we can be grownups and parents – I think that this is the appeal.

And if your kids are really driving you nuts, you can stick them in the daycare!

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