Toronto Store of the Month: Coal Miner’s Daughter

I am in the process of (finally) getting back in shape post baby (yes I am aware that he is no longer a baby) and while I am certainly more confident in my skin than I have been for a while, I still get a that feeling in the pit of my stomach when I have to enter a change room. This fear has led me to make some bad online purchases, which are such a bitch to return. Trying on clothes that I have already paid for and hating what I see in the mirror proved to be a pretty strong motivator to get my butt into a store to try stuff on before I paid duty and shipping to get it from the US.

My friend T suggested that I check this place out and I was hesitant. I have been walking by the Queen West location since it opened and always assumed that I wouldn’t be able to find anything in my size…. the fact that the friend who recommended it  is supermodel thin didn’t do much to convince me otherwise.

However, I was getting desperate for something to wear to a series of events in the next month, so I popped in after work one afternoon.

SO happy I did.  The store is cozy and full of a well curated selection of designers, most of them Canadian.

Krystan Caddy, one of the owners (with Janine Cockburn-Haller), helped me choose a dress that will work for several of events that I have to attend and we had a lovely discussion about different styling ideas. However, the best thing about this shopping experience was that she remembered T and her family and the exact dress she bought… I think that is super classy!

Check out Coal Miners Daughter at their two locations:

744 Queen Street West and  587 Markham Street

and check out their website here for all the details about the designers they carry.

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