Autumns coming…. now what? (Toronto- Part One)

I know that it is still August and still certainly feels like summer, but the cool weather is coming to Toronto soon!  I love this time of the year- it makes me want to buy sweaters and back to schools supplies. However, as mums with young kids know, it is a tough transition from the splash pads and parks to indoor activities. I have compiled a list of indoor activities for  your little one to enjoy during the cooler months .

Rainbow Songs

Buds has been attending Rainbow Songs this summer with his babysitter and we are going to do the fall session together starting in September. I am really looking forward to an excuse to belt out some tune (although do I ever need an excuse?) There are locations all over town, so there is sure to be one near you!  Check the website.

Babytime and Toddlertime at the TPL

These programs are fun for the kids and best of all they are free (although some locations require pre registration). Check out the TPL website for more details.

The Weston Family Learning Centre at the Art Gallery of Ontario

I haven’t checked this out yet, but it looks awesome. The AGO always goes to great lengths for their youngest visitors!

KidSpark at the Ontario Science Centre

I LOVE this place so much. I would be there everyday if we lived closer. Buds loves to run around and look at everything and I love the fact that he can’t get into too much trouble there! Fore more details, check out the website

Playful Grounds (Little Italy)

This cool coffee shop/cafe is run by two moms (Tera Goldblatt and Davina Cheung- Brown) and the rational is for parents to have a place to gather together with their children in a comfortable space for everyone. They have a tasty menu, great coffee and a liquor licence. When I was in there, there was a group of young moms with their infants in tow enjoying a late afternoon beer! Love that!  There is no judgement if your kid screams and no weirdness if you need to breastfeed. There are awesome books and toys for the children. More details here.


Please let me know if there are other places I should mention in Part Two!!!


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