Posted in August 2012

My first attempt at shabby chic

I am not always a fan of the loosely defined concept of “shabby chic” decor. Sometimes it looks more like garage sale chic. However my hilarious and audacious friend Moxie is the queen of the Chic in the name. Her house, home to 4 children (ages 10 months to 18 years), a husband and a … Continue reading

Mermaid music under the stars

I don’t get out much, I will say that right now. This summer has been so insane work wise that the usual evening involves putting my kid to bed and then snuggling down with a glass of wine and Himself (how I will refer to my husband here) to watch the West Wing on DVD. … Continue reading

I had a blog once….

Several years ago before I had my son, I started a wordpress  blog called Movie Picture Junkie… about movies. Needless to say, that blog fell seriously by the wayside after Buds (the nickname I will use for my son here) was born and after I returned to work (in film.. the irony) when he was … Continue reading