Autumn is here… now what? (Toronto- Part 2)


Here are a few more ideas for fun with your little one this fall!


Lil Bean & Green (Leslieville)

I have never been here, but I have many East End friends who have. This cafe caters to the hip Leslieville mum- fair trade coffee and a healthy menu (one for grownups and one for kids) featuring organic cheese! The prices for food and coffee seem reasonable and the play area looks amazing. However, I believe that there is a play fee for your little one, but I couldn’t find that info online.

Small Wonders Discovery Centre (Mississauga)

Small Wonders features a 100,000 square foot indoor playground for children ages 1-8, with different areas catering to different age groups. There is also a cafe that serves kid friendly food. Daily pass is $8

Smock (Roncesvalles)

This new child friendly cafe is just lovely inside. My friend J thinks it looks like something out of the Notting Hill area of London. They have a little play area for kids, lots of high chairs and healthy menus for both adults and kids (they even have baby puree!) I went in there this week to escape a torrential downpour with J, her son and my son. The boys were happy to play while we dried off but I was extremely unimpressed that no one spoke to us as we were trying to get organized… a few vague smiles in our general direction were all we were afforded… right then and there we decided the lunch at Barque, the BBQ joint a few doors up! I will go back again in case the service that day was an fluke.

Sportball (various locations)

This seems like organized chaos to me- toddlers playing soccer…. really?  This sports program is designed to grow with your child and teach them self-confidence as well as the fundamentals of various sports (such as soccer, hockey and golf). I am thinking that if I gave Buds a golf club, even a kids sized one, there could be some damage done… but hey, I am sure that they know what they are doing!

Wholeplay (various locations)

I have been seeing posters all over my neighbourhood advertising Wholeplay. There are programs for babies and  toddlers and the focus is on understanding the stages of childhood development and learning tools to aid your child through these changes. While parents are learning from experts, the kids get to enjoy playtime with kids their age. Sounds really interesting and fun! There are locations in Roncesvalles, North Toronto and Leslieville.

If you head over to my Pintrest I have pinned lots of ideas for indoor play with your little person!

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