Posted in October 2012

Things I wish I knew about before now-

Like Birchbox or Wittlebee, is a monthly delivery service for pregnant and new mums. Each monthly package is specifically designed for the stages of pregnancy leading into the milestones of the first year of babies life. This would make an amazing baby shower gift! The cost is $25 per month or $250 per year.

Smock- the do over edition

Back in the early fall, in my post titled “Autumn is here- now what part one”) I mentioned a brief and unsatisfying visit to a Smock, a kid friendly restaurant on Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto. I said that I would go back again to give it another go and I did a week ago. We … Continue reading

Getting your kid to eat

Buds is not a great fan of green veggies so I have had to get creative on how I get these incredibly important nutrients into his picky belly. I will admit I often use misdirection and subterfuge. Here are two of my tried and true recipes both from Weelicious Green Veggie Pancakes Ingredients 1 cup zucchini, … Continue reading

Toddlers and TV

We let our little guy watch about 20 minutes of Thomas the Tank Engine on Netflix each morning after he wakes up. This gives Himself and I a little time to get ourselves ready to start the day. This is basically all the TV that he watches, but sometimes I think that this is only … Continue reading