Posted in November 2012

Dinner at Actinolite

The first thing that I wondered about was the name- what the heck is Actinolite? Well, when we got in to the restaurant there was a map of Actinolite, which is a town north of Bellville, Ontario, which is where the chef is from. The town is an old mining town, and Actinolite is a … Continue reading

Anna Karenina Movie review

I saw this movie almost two weeks ago at a special advanced screening and I have had to take some time to think it over before writing anything about it. I wanted to make sure that my initial reaction was accurate. Now I have decided that I was right- This movie DROVE ME CRAZY!!! And … Continue reading

Toddler iPad Apps

Ian is in the throes of “The Terrible Twos” and sometimes the only thing that keeps him calm and quiet in public is the iPad or iPhone. I am not super proud of this (although I see other parents doing it all the time) so I try to make sure that most of the apps … Continue reading

What I wore- Cozy day!

This has been one of my favorite casual outfits this fall. Nothing fancy, but a good put together look while out with the kid. Sweater: Old Navy Jeans: Fidelity (Similar) Shoes: Converse Bag: Kate Spade (Similar Here) Sweater Coat: Vince Lipstick: Nars Heat Wave (Red lipstick is always a good idea) Nail Polish: Essie Devil’s … Continue reading

Attempting some Holiday DIY’s from Pinterest

I love the holidays and this year I actually have some time for a few DIY’s. These two ideas are from Pinterest (original pins located for your viewing pleasure on my Christmas board) “Snow” Candles I used Mason Jars I already had (not all the same size as was used by the original pin), Epsom … Continue reading

Baby Led Weaning (linked post)

I did not really get into baby-led weaning, but my friend Justine is working on it with her 8 month old daughter and she is SUCH a great little eater (as well as a world class cutie) Check out her blog entry here for her thoughts on the subject This is a great for people … Continue reading

What I Wore- Black, Blue and Gold (and Some birds)

Last night I attended a dinner for women in the film industry and this is what I wore Top: Luluemon 105 F Singlet in black Sweater: Target Skirt: Victoria’s Secret black mini Tights: Spanx Boots: Stuart Weitzman (Somewhat similar) Purse: Vlieger & Vandam Earrings: Foxy Gold Buttons (old) Necklace: Top Shop (Many years old) Lipstick: … Continue reading

Christmas activities with the little ones!

I just picked up the November edition of the Little Paper this week and it has an almost overwhelming list of Pre- Christmas activities for the whole family. Check out the Little Paper website here for a full list but here is one that my family will certainly be visiting. Toronto Christmas Market at the … Continue reading