Before I was a grown up and a mother, I was a teenager

I will start out by saying that I LOVED high school. I know that probably puts me in the minority, but I went to a wonderful school and many of my friends today are friends that I have known for 15 plus years. These girls and guys are part of my past that have stayed with me as I have become a “grown up” and I am so glad that I still have them in my life.

One Friday evening recently, I got home and checked the mail and there was a hand written envelope in the very distinctive writing of my friend Laura, who I have known for (gulp) 20 years. Inside was a note card (from our school, no less) with a wonderful handwritten note and a bunch of pictures of a me from back in the day. It was so touching of her to take the time to send them to me and it really made me think about that time in my life. I think that we sometimes forget who we were before we had to think about paying the bills, vacuuming the house and feeding children but then I looked at the photos of this young kid (I really see a kid when I look at me at 17, now that I am… older) and think about how different I am yet how much of that girl is still part me now.

Before you ask me if I want some wine with my cheese, think about this… looking back at your high school self, what is the same and what is different about you and what about that time has really helped to define the person that you have become.

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