Update- Lil’ Bean n’ Green (I have been there now)

Last Monday was a really crummy day, raining and gloomy. My mum and I HAD to get Buds out of my parents house before he tore up the joint.

We went over to Lil’ Bean n’ Green and it saved my sanity!

My mother and I both loved it there, as did my little man. It has the same cozy atmosphere as Smock (see my previous post) but I actually prefer it as it has a large enclosed play area for kids. There is an indoor “tree house” and lots of toys and books for a wide variety of ages. There are also lots of parenting books for the grown ups to peruse while the little people are occupied.
The back area of play space is dedicated to babies under one year of age and when I was there, there was a circle of new mums and their infants hanging out in a circle back there (the cafe provides complimentary nursing capes!)
There is a nice menu, good coffee and yummy muffins (the same ones most of the best independant coffee shops have).
There is a $5 charge for your child to play (there is a sibling discount) but it was completely worth it, in my opinion.

April Cook, the owner, is lovely and sent me photos for this post (below) as I forgot my phone at home.

Here is the website again: http://www.lilbeanandgreen.com/

She does birthday parties on weekend afternoons and they sound awesome. Contact her for more details.

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