Momofuko Noodle Bar- Review

Last week, I went out for a girls dinner at Momofuko noodle bar at the new Shangri-LA hotel in Toronto. We went there in hopes of having a “glam” night out as my ladies have small babies and don’t get out much.
The restaurant is very spare- high ceilings, long blond wood communal tables. We were seated right away and we had great seats and sipped fantastic sake slushies as we looked at the menu. The servers were a bit blase and didn’t really explain anything about the menu (our kimchi appetizer arrived in a mason jar and we weren’t sure if it was indeed the app or a garnish… had to ask and seem a bit daft).
The food was just okay- the noodle bowls were fine, as was the buns. The only thing that I really loved was the Kimchi app.
Also, the restaurant was fairly quiet, not the “scene” we had been expecting, but in hindsight it was the perfect venue for a girly catch-up dinner.

The nicest thing of the evening was that the wine that we ordered had been donated by Fielding Estates and 100% of the sale price went to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. I think that was pretty classy.

Before we left, we checked out the bar and it looked pretty awesome. I will certainly go back to the bar, but I am on the fence about going back to the noodle bar.

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