Toddler iPad Apps

Ian is in the throes of “The Terrible Twos” and sometimes the only thing that keeps him calm and quiet in public is the iPad or iPhone. I am not super proud of this (although I see other parents doing it all the time) so I try to make sure that most of the apps he plays with are educational…. although sometimes he just wants to watch Bob the Builder on Netflix. Sigh.

Here are some of the Apps that I like a lot and many of them are free!

Toddler Counting ($1)
Buds Loves this one and it seems to be helping with his numbers and counting.

I hear Ewe (Free)
An animal sound and picture app. Sort of cheesy but Ian likes it.

Toca Kitchen Monsters (Free)
This is a super weird app- the object is to “cook” and “feed” a monster. My little guy ADORES this although he is a bit young to actually use it properly.

Bubbles ($1)
I think that my husband and I like this more then Buds does.
You make and pop bubbles. That is all. It is addictive.

Phone 4 Kids (Free)
This is basically a phone within the iPad. There is a “call” feature, SMS, a compass and more.

MusicOBaby ($1)
This is an instrument app. We all love this one.

Shapes (Free)
Putting shapes in virtual holes. Ian is just getting it.

Peekeboo Barn and Peekaboo Fridge ($1.99 each)
Ian loves animals and food and he is pretty obsessed with them both.

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