Fancy Box is a website that is kind of like Pinterest but you can buy interesting things directly from them.
I have gotten into monthly boxes recently (Topbox and Glymm reviews coming soon) and I decided to try the Fancy box
For approx. $47 USD per month (including Fedex Shipping) you receive a box every month curated to your specificaions- We chose gadgets and fashion for our two “catagories”
We received out first box in November and the jury is still out on whether we will continue to receive them.

Here is the contents of our first box:

Fancy Box #1

Sparq Stones

F In Exams

Mustache Bandages

China Glaze Nail Polish

Pixel Clear Lens Glasses

Pop Phone Handset

Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

A pretty eclectic bunch of stuff with a retail value of $125USD. We really like the Sparq Stones and we are giving the Pop Phone as a Christmas gift to a friend (those handsets retail for $30 alone!)

Buds is the proud owner of the Glasses.

Buds in Pixel Glasses

We should be receiving the next box soon so I will post the contents and then you can help me decide if it is worth the $$$!

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