January Topbox Review

This months Topbox was all Clinique. I have used many of their products over the years and my mum swears by their skin care line.
It was cool to try some of their products again after quite a while.


The box contained:

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in “Like Mink” – The colours are perfect for everyday use, but I found that my eyelids were dry after wearing them. This is probably just my super freaky sensitive skin!

Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent – This works great. I have started using a mascara that has real staying power so I really need eye makeup remover or I look like heroin chic the next morning.

Clarifying Lotion #3 – I haven’t use a toner in a really long time but I think I have returned to the fold. I am amazed that there is so much makeup residue still on after cleansing that this removes!

Repairwear Laser Focus – I haven’t been using this long enough to tell if it is reducing my wrinkles, but it feels so good on my face and my skin is very soft.

What are your favorite Clinique products?

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