Drink your Greens!! (Toronto- Local)


My kid doesn’t like to eat green things. Like ever. I am hoping that it is just a phase but until then, there is Owl and Goose. Started by a local west end mum (I know her from the playground), Owl and Goose produces healthy green smoothies daily and sells them at many local stores. I mix it with a bit of water and apple juice for my little one, although it is pretty sweet on its own.
She uses cultivated greens such as arugula, beet greens, chard as well as micro greens like dill and fennel. Added to that are wild edibles such as purslane and flavor boosters such as cranberry, lemon, mango and peach.

I really enjoy the taste myself and it helps me make sure that I am getting the greens that I need as well.

Check out the Own & Goose website for more information.

For those of you living outside of Toronto, are there any local moms doing amazing things in your area?
I would love to hear about them and maybe feature them on the blog!

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