The M Coat- friend or foe?


I bought the M Coat when I was pregnant with my little man. It saved my life that winter as it was freezing and I was HUGE by the end. No regular coat, even in a big size would have fit over my enormous belly.
The great thing about this coat is that it is a three-in- one – it has a panel that zips in over your bump, the panel can be flipped over to zipped over a baby carrier and the panel comes out completely to convert the M into a regular parka.
There are lots of plus sides. The negative is only one- when you wear it while pregnant you look like an Oompa Loompa (without the orange skin). This is a big negative for some women who already feel like whales at the end of their pregnancy. I asked a pregnant friend if I could take a photo of her in her coat for this post and she flat-out refused. Like HARD CORE refused. She sees the M Coat as a necessary evil of late stage pregnancy, not something she wants immortalized forever on my blog.

I for one didn’t care how crummy it looked as long as it kept me warm. I also think that it is pretty cute without the panel and I still wear it now on really cold days (but not with the belt- yuck)

For me, I think that it is worth it if you are having a winter baby, but they are pricy so check Craigslist or Kijiji first!

What did you wear to keep warm when you were very pregnant?

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