I heart Roncesvalles!


We love this area and not just because you don’t get the evil eye going around with a stroller in tow!

Here are some of my favorite spots on the strip!

Lit Espresso Bar– The coffee is so good and they have the best muffins.

Aris Place– We go for breakfast there at least once a weekend. We love the staff (they are big fans of our little man and vice versa) and the food is typical good greasy spoon fare.

De La Mer This is a relatively new addition to the area- a quality fish market! This place is clean and amazing. I have never had anything bad from there. My friend’s toddler is obsessed with their smoked fish- he calls it “fish bacon”.

Rowe Farms– Awesome locally sourced meat and poultry. If you are from Toronto, you probably know it. Worth paying a little extra for.

Barque– I love me some ribs and this place delivers. They are also super kid- friendly and serve dinner family style on Sunday evenings.

The Westerly– I love this place for brunch, date night or girls night out. Also a great place for dinner before a movie at the Revue Cinema.

Scooter Girl– Fantastic independent toy store. My little guy loves this place and I love supporting a local business (I am a sucker for buying him toys- I have to stop!)

Pollocks Home Hardware– A great hardware store with all the basics is a must for every neighbourhood.

Macklems– A great baby store with all the basics is a must for every neibourhood.

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