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Modern Karibou- Canadian Website Awesomeness!

It is my biggest pet peeve to find an amazing website, browse around, excitedly fill up my cart only to find out upon attempting to check out that the site doesn’t ship to Canada. This is SO frustrating. This happens a lot with furniture and home decor sites which is why Modern Karibou is a … Continue reading

The M Coat- friend or foe?

I bought the M Coat when I was pregnant with my little man. It saved my life that winter as it was freezing and I was HUGE by the end. No regular coat, even in a big size would have fit over my enormous belly. The great thing about this coat is that it is … Continue reading

Drink your Greens!! (Toronto- Local)

My kid doesn’t like to eat green things. Like ever. I am hoping that it is just a phase but until then, there is Owl and Goose. Started by a local west end mum (I know her from the playground), Owl and Goose produces healthy green smoothies daily and sells them at many local stores. … Continue reading

Kauzbots- Toys that care

My husband was introduced to this website by his friend/co-worker Karly. sells toy robots. This alone is cool but what makes this really special is that each different robot supports a different not-for-profit organization. You can choose your robot by cause or by looks and know that either way, you are helping support a … Continue reading

Toddler iPad Apps

Ian is in the throes of “The Terrible Twos” and sometimes the only thing that keeps him calm and quiet in public is the iPad or iPhone. I am not super proud of this (although I see other parents doing it all the time) so I try to make sure that most of the apps … Continue reading

Baby Led Weaning (linked post)

I did not really get into baby-led weaning, but my friend Justine is working on it with her 8 month old daughter and she is SUCH a great little eater (as well as a world class cutie) Check out her blog entry here for her thoughts on the subject This is a great for people … Continue reading

Christmas activities with the little ones!

I just picked up the November edition of the Little Paper this week and it has an almost overwhelming list of Pre- Christmas activities for the whole family. Check out the Little Paper website here for a full list but here is one that my family will certainly be visiting. Toronto Christmas Market at the … Continue reading

Smock- the do over edition

Back in the early fall, in my post titled “Autumn is here- now what part one”) I mentioned a brief and unsatisfying visit to a Smock, a kid friendly restaurant on Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto. I said that I would go back again to give it another go and I did a week ago. We … Continue reading