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What I wore that time it snowed

We had quite the dump of snow this past Friday and I had to bring out the big guns, outerwear wise. This is sort of a goofy thing to post, but I wanted to show that the M Coat does actually look quite cute when worn without the panel (and the belt). Coat: The M … Continue reading

I heart Roncesvalles!

We love this area and not just because you don’t get the evil eye going around with a stroller in tow! Here are some of my favorite spots on the strip! Lit Espresso Bar– The coffee is so good and they have the best muffins. Aris Place– We go for breakfast there at least once … Continue reading

January Glymm Box Review

I will be honest- I was not super enthused the January Glymm box- especially because they are supposed to ship middle of the month and I received mine on the 28th (to be fair, they did alert us that the boxes were going out late) However, nothing was really that great and I hate that … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Pride and Prejudice!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Best first line of a book EVER! This is my favorite novel of all time and today it turns 200! As you should already have read the book and seen the movies/miniseries, … Continue reading

The M Coat- friend or foe?

I bought the M Coat when I was pregnant with my little man. It saved my life that winter as it was freezing and I was HUGE by the end. No regular coat, even in a big size would have fit over my enormous belly. The great thing about this coat is that it is … Continue reading

Drink your Greens!! (Toronto- Local)

My kid doesn’t like to eat green things. Like ever. I am hoping that it is just a phase but until then, there is Owl and Goose. Started by a local west end mum (I know her from the playground), Owl and Goose produces healthy green smoothies daily and sells them at many local stores. … Continue reading

Dilemma- make-up for my new hair

I recently chopped off much of my hair and coloured it platinum. While I already had short blond hair, this was a HUGE change and it has taken a long time to get used to it. Mirrors were so freaky for awhile- it was like there was a stranger looking back at me. Also, I … Continue reading