Attempting some Holiday DIY’s from Pinterest

I love the holidays and this year I actually have some time for a few DIY’s.
These two ideas are from Pinterest (original pins located for your viewing pleasure on my Christmas board)

“Snow” Candles

Here are my very simple supplies

Here is the finished product on our dining room window ledge

I used Mason Jars I already had (not all the same size as was used by the original pin),
Epsom Salts (available basically anywhere) and Dollerama candles. This cost me approx. $3

Ornament Ball

Chrismas Ornament Ball

Everything I used here was from Dollerama. The string I used to hang the balls was actually part of the ornament’s packaging!
(In hindsight, I should have used higher quality ornaments as they keep falling apart and I have to glue them back together. Don’t be as cheap as me if you try this at home.)

Watch out for more crafty holiday posts soon!

2 thoughts on “Attempting some Holiday DIY’s from Pinterest

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