Dinner at Actinolite

The first thing that I wondered about was the name- what the heck is Actinolite?
Well, when we got in to the restaurant there was a map of Actinolite, which is a town north of Bellville, Ontario, which is where the chef is from. The town is an old mining town, and Actinolite is a silicate mineral (according to Wikipedia).

The Map!

The restaurant is in a bit of a different location (Ossington, just south of Dupont) but this really gives it the feeling of a neighbourhood joint. The food is mostly local, they have a cool cocktail list and a nice reasonable wine list, in a lovely, chill space.

The Bar


We had the House Smoked Spring trout appetizer and the Apple, Kale and Ages Cheddar Salad to start, and they were great, but the mains were amazing…. SOO good (hence the photos below)

Pork Loin Scallopini

Ontario Lamb Rack

Check out this place for something a little different.

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