Topbox for men- Christmas 2012

My beauty box addiction has now spilled over to my husband. I bought him the Topbox men’s box for Christmas and so far he is loving the products!

Topbox for men

Fendrihan Razor
He hasn’t used this as I think he is a bit nervous. It is a SERIOUS razor!!

Aveda Invati Shampoo and Conditioner (trial size)
He loves the smell but he thought that the shampoo was a bit hard to rinse out of the hair.

Calvin Klein Encounter eau de toilette (trial size) He hasn’t tried this but is smells nice. He said, and I quote “smells like a Calvin Klein cologne”… yes, he has a real way with words.

Woody’s Hair Clay Dude uses more hair products then most girls I know and he was impressed with this, so I think that means it is worth checking out.

Bread and Butter Daily Face Moisturizer and Face Shave The shaving cream gave a nice shave and the moisturizer goes on smoothly with not too much shine (men don’t like to look too dewy).

The Laundress Crease Release
This was oddly the item that most excited him. He hates creases in his clothing, especially when travelling so this has already gone in the toiletry bag!

All in all, a hit with my guy! Yea me!

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